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Ever been to the Zoo? Dino Park is kind of like the zoo — except there aren't any Bears — only Brontosaurs (don’t get under their FEET!) You won't see birds either — but you may spot a Pterodactyl soaring overhead, looking for lunch (you might want to HIDE!). No Tigers to worry about, but watch out for the terrifying Tyrannosaurs (If you see them, RUN!) There are NO fences or cages in Dino Park, (there used to be, but every time we rang the dinner bell the Dinos would just knock 'em down!).

The year is 1921. In jolly old England, trains are the preferred means of transportation. Ships of steel and steam rule the seas. Motorcars now out-number horses. The aeroplane is a novelty reserved for the adventurous (or foolhardy). Inside the hallowed halls of London’s most esteemed gentlemen’s club a debate is in progress between decorated war hero Major Thomas Toad (Ret.), and Mr. Phileas Frog, esq. The central question: Can a frog circle the globe in 80 days? “Impossible!” cries Toad. “I shall proove it possible!” Declares Frog. The race is on. . .


US$25.00 each

City Discs

The Phileas Frog Automata is a complete kit in a box, but if you’d like to travel to the great cities Phileas visits on his whirlwind trip, check out our City Disc Collection. Just attach a disc to your already assembled model and watch it spin as you turn the handle!


US$25.00 each

The Knight raises his sword, ready for the charge. The Fisherman reels in his catch. The Motorcyclist jumps the crest of a hill. What do these tableau have in common? They are just a sample of the many animated models created by Walter Ruffler for the World of Whimsy collection. Each one timeless and classic.

For the twelve animals in the Zodiac Zoo series, of course we drew inspiration from the ancient Chinese zodiac calendar, but we’ve added a new twist — Movement! Assemble each colorful toy with the help of our detailed assembly drawings, roll it along and watch the head nod, the legs walk and the tail wag!


US$125.0 each

For the Legacy Collection we’ve looked into our past to introduce you to some of our old favorites as well as a few of our best sellers. These undecorated models rely on their simplicity of form and movement to give each it’s own scuptural quality. Classic!



US$125.0 each


Skiing Reindeer


Surfer Dog

Surfer Dog

Diver Cat


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